Smart solutions
in food.

About Esro

The Esro Food Group is a Dutch family-owned business that operates in the meat and fish industry. Through its own series of processing facilities and distribution centres in the Netherlands and Belgium, Esro supplies customers across Europe, Central Asia and Africa with a varied assortment of products.

The wide range of products offered by Esro, our innovative thinking and guaranteed high quality, together with our attractive pricing, ensure our ability to help our customers worldwide achieve a greater margin of profit on their products in turn.

Whether custom order or mass production, the client always comes first

From the very beginning, the Esro Food Group has specialised in the processing and preparation of beef and veal. The company later expanded to include Esro Seafood, a company that is in a class apart when it comes to importing exotic fish.

Across the globe, the products make their way to diverse customers including manufacturers of snack foods, meat products and meal components. Whether it’s beef trimmings, tuna or pre-cooked strips, all of our products share a common, consistent high quality.

The company’s operations are divided into three product groups: beef, veal and seafood. The growing demand for custom, client-specific solutions has led Esro to establish the operating companies Esro Vlees, Esro Food Products and Esro Seafood. Vlees and Food Products even feature separate production lines for Halal products.

Where one customer stands to benefit from the delivery of high volumes, another may be looking to apply custom solutions to smaller quantities of product. That’s why our business strategy is aimed at optimally meeting the demands of the market. The combination of impeccable quality and sharp pricing have helped make Esro a reliable partner for countless businesses within the food industry.

Innovation and development

Clearly, innovation and development are vital elements of our operating strategy – and rightfully so. Innovation allows Esro to respond adequately to market trends while reaping the full benefits of synergy between its various operating companies. Thinking in terms of innovative solutions is a defining characteristic of the company.

A company with a rich history

Esro was founded in 1978 by Toon Rooijackers and Piet Swinkels. The business specialised in deboning beef and veal heads as well as rendering meat products for human consumption. While the company’s work initially took place at various locations in Nuenen, Esro has been operating from its current location for the past 25 years. A few years after its inception, Toon Rooijackers became sole owner of the business, and in 2005 his three sons bought the company from him: a true family-owned business!

Over the years, Esro has continued to grow steadily; it has even become the European market leader in deboning heads of beef. In 2004 Esro Food Products was founded, and in 2007 the company opened a branch in Belgium. In that same year, Esro Seafood began operations as an importer of exotic fish and seafood.

Nowadays Esro has expanded to become a noteworthy international enterprise, characterised by the following:

• a modern transport fleet
• its own freezing warehouses, with a capacity of some 5.500 pallets
• its own shock freezers and plate freezers
• a wide array of products on offer.

In short, Esro is more than prepared to meet whatever challenges the future may hold.