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Within the Esro Food Group, pride of place undoubtedly goes to Esro Food Products. Although the company initially focused on other areas, at a certain point we could no longer afford to ignore the growing demand for these products. As a result, Esro began to expand its knowledge and expertise in this product market considerably. These pre-cooked products are chiefly intended for delivery to the poultry-processing industry, as well as for importers in the European Union and Africa.

Our products are destined for transport to customers whose needs can vary widely. That’s why Esro is prepared to meet requests involving both large and small volumes. And of course each and every order receives the same careful handling and attention.

The versatility of our products is evident in the Food Service division. The key concepts at work here are customisation and diversification. No matter the volume of product required, Esro can provide the desired solution based on our wealth of experience. This division includes a separate line for Halal products, sold under the Usta brand name.

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