About Esro Food Group

Esro was founded in 1978 in The Netherlands by Toon Rooijackers and Piet Swinkels and specialized in deboning head meat. After periods of continuous growth Esro process nearly 90% of all cow heads in the Benelux region and expanded with further offal processing for customers in Europe and Asia.

Fayman was founded in 1952 in Australia by Marvin Fayman and started as a meat processing plant. Throughout the years the company expanded with processing plants in India and South Africa. After divesting the Australian processing plants in the 80’s, the company continued to expand the trading business across the globe.


The common interest to make as much of the animal suitable for human consumption in a world with a growing demand for high quality animal proteins is what brought these two families together. After years of intense cooperation the two companies decided to merge in 2019. Thus enjoying the benefits of more scale and better use of each others’ network and knowledge while simultaneously creating more value for our clients and suppliers.

Sharing the same family values when it comes to doing business, the Esro Food Group strives to be best partner in facilitating your animal protein demand. The operation now spans four continents and we service over 80 countries focusing on three core areas: edible proteins, pet food and animal-based pharmaceuticals.

However, the vision of the founders remain the same – customer satisfaction above all, no matter where in the world the company operates.