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Diana Kuncoro

Quality assurance officer Pet food

Gijs van den Boogaard

Production - Logistic planner Edible

Josca Lotens

Commercial manager Edible Germany and Scandinavia

Marta de Miguel

Backoffice Hispania

Michael McKay

Commercial manager

Roel Cobben

Business controller

Maartje van Vlerken

Backoffice Pet food

Maria Miranda

Quality manager Hispania

Josefina Boero

Sales executive

Ana Maria Tautiva

Financial administrator Hispania

Henry Backus

Plant manager Hispania

Jose Pereira

Managing director Hispania

Yann Dorff

Operational excellence manager

Ton Smits


Tim Soethout

Commercial manager Edible Netherlands and Belgium

Henk Droppers

Commercial manager Edible Eastern and Southern Europe

Stefan van Zwet

Financial administrator

Stan Bovee

Logistic manager Edible

Roy de Waal

Technical services Edible

Ries den Otter

Sales executive

Rian Willems

Quality manager Edible

Patrick van den Berg


Mark Claassen

Teamleader expedition Edible

Ilse Janssen

Backoffice Pet food

Marion Klaver

Backoffice purchase Edible

Mariëtte Wegman

Financial controller

Kim Manders

Backoffice sales

Karin Geubbels

Sr. QA manager and Regulatory affairs

Joris Rooijackers


John van Meurs

Payroll administrator

Jean Paul Kanters

Manager finance

Jasper van den Abeelen

Sales executive Edible France

Ilse Steenbakkers

Office manager

Gert Duurland


Fernando Millan

Commercial manager

Ellis Gouka

Payroll assistant Edible

Dennie Ballering

Financial controller

Coen Romijn

Operations manager Edible

Chris Kwekkeboom

Purchase director

Boudewijn Bruggeman

Productionleader slaughterhouses

Arthur Svidersks

Commercial manager

John Carson

Commercial manager

Kevin Bradley

Finance director

Eamonn Morgan


Ilze Sviderska

Logistics manager Ireland/UK

Fiona O’Philbin

COO Ireland/UK

Cristiane Righes de Souza

Sales executive

Pascal Frusch

Plant manager Pet food

Rik Poels

Commercial manager Pet food

Leon Coolen

Managing director Pet food & Specialties

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