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Esro Vlees provides the foundation of the Esro Food Group. Through long years’ experience in the processing and preparation of beef, we feel confident in our role as experts in the field. Each day, heads of beef arrive from slaughterhouses all over the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and are processed in our deboning facilities. We also process a variety of other rendered meat products for human consumption.

After processing is completed, the products—both fresh and frozen—make their way to diverse customers worldwide, including manufacturers of snack foods, meat products and meal components. Esro Vlees has a vast array of fresh and frozen products on offer. Our cheek meat, organ meats and minced meat products provide a suitable basis for use in end products such as salads, snacks, ragouts, pizzas, sandwiches, parbaked bread products and complete meals.

We are happy to assist you in realising the perfect solution to meet your needs. Whether it is a different language on the label, a specific packaging desire or a modification in the product itself, Esro has the solution, or will find it for you

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Beef outside cheeks 95/05 Details
Beef cheeks 95/05 Details
Beef cheeks 90/10 Details
Beef cheeks 85/15 Details
Beef cheeks 80/20 Details
Beef cheeks 70/30 Details
Beef inside cheeks 95/05 Details
Beef inside cheeks 90/10 Details
Beef aorta Details
Beef bone Details
Beef diaphragm Details
Beef fat Details
Beef heart Details
Beef heart (cap) Details
Beef kidney Details
Beef lip Details
Beef liver Details
Beef lung Details
Beef lung lobes trachea on Details
Beef pizzle Details
Beef outside cheeks 90/10 Details
Beef tail Details
Beef temple meat 95/05 Details
Beef throat Details
Beef tongue Details
Beef tongue bones Details
Beef trachea Details
Beef trimmings 60/40 Details
Beef trimmings 70/30 Details
Beef trimmings 80/20 Details
Beef trimmings 90/10 Details
Beef trimmings 95/05 Details
Beef tripe Details
Flank membrane Details
Flex tendons Details
Flexor tendon Details
Honeycomb Details
Minced beef 85VL Details
Minced beef 90VL Details
Minced beef 95VL Details
Mixed sinew Details
Omasum Details
Paddywack Details