Our quality promise

Quality is an essential aspect in everything the Esro Food Group does, because we know that quality is among the major factors contributing to a company’s reputation. Our quality assurance system involves continuous efforts towards quality improvement, as described in further detail below.

Our everyday standard is high quality

The use of high-quality raw ingredients is a prerequisite. For this reason, the Esro Food Group purchases exclusively raw materials of proven quality in order to ensure that food safety requirements are met. When selecting our suppliers, we are guided by the principles of trust and transparency. Raw ingredients are purchased solely from EG-certified businesses.

Esro also strives to ensure it has the means and expertise necessary in order to deliver a high-quality end product. This involves a properly-designed production environment, the use of up-to-date methods of production, protocols for cleaning and disinfection, and the adequate training and continued education of employees. All employees receive the training their position requires; our staff is aware of how, through signalling and registration, they are contributing to a product that meets the customer’s demands.

Ongoing inspections

From beginning to end, the Esro Food Group guarantees strict adherence to all quality standards throughout the production process. This allows us to meet the expectations and demands of our customers, without losing sight of good service and efficiency.

Our processing facilities are equipped with features including on-line metal detectors, temperature measurement devices and X-ray technology. We monitor the chemical characteristics of our products during production using a FOSS Analyser.

Testing with regard to hygiene, water supply, raw materials and end products, as well as visual inspections, provide Esro with a detailed picture of the internal production processes. We work with laboratories in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to conduct regular microbiological and chemical testing. In this way Esro ensures continuous monitoring, allowing us to adjust the production process at a moment’s notice when necessary.

Internal audits help us keep a sharp eye on the company processes as well, though Esro is of course also subject to external evaluation. The Esro Food Group has earned both BRC and MSC certificates which indicate that the company has met strict requirements with regard to quality assurance.


By working with selected Halal certified plants the Esro Food Group can provide beef products in accordance to the latest Halal regulations.

Maintaining and improving quality

Esro is continuously improving its quality assurance system wherever possible. We keep abreast of changes in legislation in order to comply as quickly as possible. Any findings of internal or external inspections are viewed as an opportunity: they challenge us to further raise our level of operational efficiency. One might say that the meat industry is in constant motion, and Esro is keeping pace.

Should you have specific questions with regard to product quality, please contact us at qa@esro.com.